I want to start this series of posts called Remember when… I feel like I have lots of little stories and photos from the past and I want to try this little experiment.

So this story is about the time we went to Copenhagen. It was February 2011, my Christmas and birthday present from the loveliest boy. We spent four gorgeous frozen days hanging around in this amazing city having lots of little adventures.

We stayed in a fabulous boutique hotel with the most amazing furniture and lovely rooms. We met up with Moe’s friend Dorte and her band played an impromptu gig in the basement of this club. We had tea and more tea and hot chocolate and coffee until we couldn’t feel the cold.CPN1I’ll admit that my iPhone photography left a little to be desired back then, and I kind of went a bit mad with the instafilters. I think the phone was new too, I really hadn’t gotten back into photography properly at that stage.

We spent hours in the Kunstmuseum and it kind of blew my mind. I got to see all these pieces of furniture I’d only ever seen before in books. I felt closer to the designers and to the designs seeing them in person. Moe didn’t have much interest but he said he loved watching me looking at things – that it was fascinating seeing me so fascinated! Even looking at these photos now makes me want to design furniture, or at least sit in that chair!

CPN2We took the train to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Moe tied my shoelaces together and couldn’t undo the knot in time to get off at the stop. We ended up getting off at the end of the line in northern Zealand. The train station didn’t have a door!  CPN3

Skunk Anansie were in town that weekend and we went to see them. It was phenomenal. I enjoyed it so much. Skin was rocking a shiny catsuit and giant feather collar. They played new stuff and old stuff and Skin crowd surfed and climbed up in to the balcony.CPN4That’s it, all I have. Sometimes it’s nice to remember those little adventures, right?