Last week I wrote about finding inspiration in other creatives and what I’d learned from them.

And as I read that post back again, and again, I realised something.

I haven’t been sharing my work.

I’ve been promoting my business, and that’s just not the same. When someone hires me to take their photos, they’ve already given me their approval. The very act of asking me tells me that they value my work and that they want me to do what I do for them.

Showing my own personal work is a far more vulnerable thing. No one asked for these photos to be made, just me and Jane trying to tell her story somehow on a stunning afternoon in August. I’ve hidden these images away because for some reason, in the bottom of my heart, I felt they weren’t enough. And by not being enough, they made me feel not enough. But preaching is nothing if you’re not listening to yourself, and there was a voice in my head telling me that I was only telling half-truths if I left these images untouched any longer.
And truth be told, I love them.

I adore the over-saturated colours and the too-bright light.

I love the energy of the sunlight hitting the water and Jane’s skin.

I’m head over heels with the idea that we somehow took a tiny kernel of an idea and made this together.