The summer was gruesome, gruelling and if I’m honest, great. I really enjoyed the ridiculous challenge of managing 35 teachers and in some weeks, 50 different classes a day. It was nuts and I’m really glad it’s all over while also delighted to have had the opportunity to test myself and push it.

After the dust settled and the long-term director came back, I headed off to Cuba with a pal. While there, I spent roughly 30 minutes on the internet and had about 4 and a half minutes of phonecalls – in total. It was amazing; the two weeks felt like two months and I was totally relaxed by the end of it. I read The War of Art and inhaled every word. We swam in the pelting rain in the warm salty sea. We rode horses through coffee and tobacco plantations. We inhaled the fumes of hundreds of decade old cars. We photographed the stars in the middle of the night. We ate rice and drank rum every single day.

It was heavenly.

And now I’m back and excited to be here. I’m on the cusp of 30, my saturn return is teaching me things I always knew in my heart and big things are ahead.