2014 was a bit like like a moody teenager for me; lovable and brilliant one minute, lost and overly emotional the next. It’s been an uppy downy year, and from my perspective at least, it seems like it’s been a tricky¬†one for a lot of folks close to me.

But you know, life’s just like that sometimes and a lot of those folks who’ve had a tricky year have big adventures lined up for 2015. Here’s to all of our plans and adventures friends, may they be rewarding and enjoyable no matter how big or small.

Rather than dwell on some of the crappyness that’s pervaded this year, I’m going for five overall highlights.


Hanging out with family. I can’t get over how lucky we are to have so much love and friendship. They’re my people and they’re great people. And we’ve got big fun planned for this year.



Turning 30. I’ve got just over a week left of it and the challenge has been worth it for all the learning. I’m not about sharing those lessons, but suffice to say I’ve asked a lot of questions of myself and done a lot of soul searching. And I’m happier for it.

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Being in Vietnam again. Those 9 weeks were a rollercoaster in themselves, it was so fkking tough some days and others were just so incredibly special. I was reunited with some of my most special friends and got to see a very special lady achieve an amazing dream.




In October, after almost 9 years, we got engaged. Me and him, we’re tight, and being engaged makes it even better. I’m a fan.
This was the spot.



The entire fortnight we spent in California was amazing; catching up with great friends, hanging out, skateboarding, cycling, eating a summer’s worth of ice cream…But Yosemite, woooooooow…. I can’t wait to go back there some day.


Here’s to a great year ahead.