I’m back in my other hometown, Tam Ky, Vietnam. The place I adopted back in 2008 when I lived and worked here for 6 months out of the 9 I spent living here. I got here late on Monday night and slept all day Tuesday so it’s been 4 days really.

Yesterday was tough. I spent the day questioning myself. Why am I here? What can I really do? What’s my vision, my focus, my plan? Am I doing more harm than good being here? Genuinely,  what’s the good in showing up everyday for a couple of months and then disappearing again? What does it achieve?  And on and on the questions went.


Then today I got to the orphanage and realised I hadn’t seen Gai yet. I spotted her and smiled, doubting she knew who I was but she smiled back anyway. Then she came over, said “hello Edin” (my name here) and immediately started chatting. She remembered, we had fun, she knows I’m here for 2 months and I’ll be gone again. And I think she’s ok with that.