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Insta Things

1. Fade Street, we’ll be causing a stir here on Saturday evening, I can’t wait. // 2. Soaking up the last of the summer sun. // 3. Ukelele Hooley was in town. Great sounds with great people. // 4. The BIGGEST balloon ever, everyone was giggling and the two little girls who came downstairs to ask where he got it were priceless. // 5. Getting lost in the Phoenix Park was kind of magical. // 6. Early morning rave at Morning Gloryville was a whole heap of fun.

Other Things

  • Getting very excited to be shooting Ais & Gar’s wedding on Saturday. It’s going to be a seriously laid back love fest I think.
  • Writing and rewriting and checking lists for Saturday.
  • Thanking my wrist that it only got sprained when I came off my back a few weeks back. It’s nearly there, yoga is helping.
  • Turning on the lights in the morning – summer is slowly slipping away from us.
  • Starting the hunt for a new job. That’s how else I know summer is over…
  • Planning a holiday, yum! We’re thinking Portland and San Diego. Bring me to the beach.
  • Feeling very proud of all the big achievers around me – PhDs, promotions, new businesses.
  • Catching up with a lot of folks I haven’t seen in a long long time and loving it.
  • Working on my bucket list.

What’s being going on with you lately?