1. Internet tickles are still giggle fests. // 2. Goodbyes are always a bit sad but adventurous people make me happy. // 3. Ice cream in a hammock in a beautiful garden. Summer love. // 4. Sunsets this time of year, full of wonder and sadness. // 5. Whiskey tasting on a small holiday to celebrate friends.

Other things

Watching Orange is the New Black again, slowly. Poussay is breaking my heart!
Reading Watership Down, still… I keep leaving it behind in places.
Feeling guilty for being inside on a day like this any day.
Wondering if I’ll make it though most work days and looking forward to more change.
Waiting for the raspberries to show up in the garden.
Getting excited for Body & Soul festival at the end of the month.
Trying to make time to edit all the photos in the world.