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Now that you’re armed with some questions, let me know what you’d like to do next. 
I want to make your life easy, so I’ve made this contact form especially for you.

Please use this form to let me know what you’d like to do next. You have the following choices:

1* Let me know that you’ve read the Ten Questions and you’re thinking about what you want to ask me. I can get in touch with you next week then to chat it out with you.

2 * Ask me to call you – be sure I have your phone number and let me know what times would suit you best.

3 * Arrange a face to face meet – we can go for a coffee or a pint some day soon for a proper chat.

4 * Let me know that you’ve decided to go with another photographer. (No hard feelings pals, you need the right fit for YOU – but I’d love you to let me know, gracias!)