Suprise proposal in Dublin City – Gyann & Lynda at Dublin Castle

Jul 5, 2017 | Stories

Mind racing, heart pounding, sweaty palms, adrenaline pumping, she couldn’t concentrate on a word the tour guide was saying, but she tried her best to pretend that everything was totally normal…

That’s how Gyann felt last Monday morning, and I know this because I felt it with her. Every single step of the way… We’d never spoken in person until after the tour of the castle finished and I said something to her, hoping to connect… Something about the room we were in. I was worried that she wouldn’t recognise me, or that I was playing it too cool. I was worried that she was going to propose when I wasn’t ready. I was worried that our plan wouldn’t go to.. plan. I was worried that Lynda would wonder who the hell this girl was, the one who seemed to be everywhere they went. The tour had finished ages ago, Gyann was trying to get Lynda to go out to the garden of the castle grounds. Lynda wanted to explore the castle more. She’d probably heard more of what the tour guide said.

I kept going, following them from room to room, kicking myself for being so visible, knowing I’ll never make it undercover. Gyann finally got her wish, Lynda would go out to the garden. I followed. They’d gone the wrong way, there was a split second when I knew Lynda had seen me following them and I started to freak out.

I headed back through the cafe, waited for them to pass me. They didn’t. They’d gone to the garden some other way… I had no idea how, but was sure they were gone. All I could do was race out the front door and around the main building and hope for the best.

So then how to do you run into a park and then get close enough to someone to make sure they can ask you to take a picture of them but still look like you’re just a tourist and not raise any suspicions? To be honest, I don’t think you can…

But we went with the plan anyway.

“Can you take our picture please?”

“Sure, I’d love to, but I’m actually working on something today and would you mind if I took some photos with my own camera first?”

“Where would you like to stand? Ok, just let me take your bags there (cue weird looks from Lynda…), ok, and face each other please…”

It was at this point, as it was all about to go down (or Gyann was about to get down on one knee…) that Lynda tried to tell Gyann to look at the camera

“She’s trying to take our picture…”

But then!

Still shooting, tears blinding me, face broke from smiling, Gyann finally told Lynda that she’d hired me. It all started to become clear!

I left them for a little while, to just be together and enjoy the moment. We met up a few minutes later and went to Love Lane & Dame Lane to make some portraits.

Gyann initially said that she didn’t think they’d like to do a portrait shoot – they wouldn’t be very dressed up. But what’s dressed up anyway, when you’ve just asked the love of your life to marry you and she’s said yes and you’re both glowing with all the incredible emotions of it all?

A whiskey each later, and a little modern history lesson on how absolutley perfect Dublin Castle was for their proposal, I left Gyann and Lynda to their amazing new life together with the biggest buzz in my heart – can you think of a better way to spend a Monday morning working?

Honestly, I can’t.

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