I think this will be the first Photo an Hour that I’ve shot on a Sunday. I usually do it on a Saturday as I spend my Sundays lazing but last Sunday I took a trip to Belfast and it was pretty photo heavy anyway seeing as I was hanging out with my work/photo-mates Kevin and Maria.

Kevin booked the tickets and thought it would be nice not to have to leave too early so we got the ten train. Lie in? Late train? Kevin, you forget my commute and my serious love for lazy Sundays!

But it was really worth it, it felt like a really long day and also felt like we did so much. I used my 11-16 almost all day and struggled with it quite a bit at first but I feel like I’m getting better at it each time. Manual focusing takes a bit of getting used to again. It’s such a lovely lens and the field of view is great but it means that I desperately want a D90 now or something similar which will let me autofocus too. Next on the list!

10 // On the train, trying to be awake.

hellofirechild.photo-an-hour.June2013-253411 // Anatomy of a train table. hellofirechild.photo-an-hour.June2013-254812 // Gorgeous carriage pals. hellofirechild.photo-an-hour.June2013-25541 // St. George’s Market, really close to the train station. Heaven!! hellofirechild.photo-an-hour.June2013-25652 // Beautiful buskers in a little alley way. They had voices that would melt a stone. hellofirechild.photo-an-hour.June2013-25763 // It started to train pretty heavily so we took shelter in a mural laiden tunnel.
These tourists were really unimpressed. It’s Ireland…
hellofirechild.photo-an-hour.June2013-26224 // We didn’t know it was on but we found ourselves at a free blues
gig in The Blackbox for the afternoon. They were great and I got to try out my new lens!
hellofirechild.photo-an-hour.June2013-26365 // The sun was out again and so were the summer colours. hellofirechild.photo-an-hour.June2013-2689 6// Strolling around towards the Titanic museum but really just looking for dinner.hellofirechild.photo-an-hour.June2013-27107 // Back on the train, and had definitely given up on trying to stay awake. hellofirechild.photo-an-hour.June2013-2735 8 // Playing beat the intro with Kevin’s iPod.
I love how the 11-16 creates such a shadow when I use the pop-up flash.
hellofirechild.photo-an-hour.June2013-2752And that was it, it was a great day and I even got some other photos. I’ll share them another time maybe.