And slightly later than I meant….my photo-an-hour for January.
It was the 19th of January, a cold and not particularly busy Saturday after a long week.

 Midday // Time to get up after a gorgeously lovely lie-in!

1pm //¬†I contemplated going out but when I looked out my window I saw this…No thanks!
[[ yes, I realise this is not the loveliest view, but it really is gorgeous is Summer Рwithout the building site and with all the flowers and raspberries in the garden.]] // Warming my toes by a sweet little fire I made myself, and only had to light once! // I had to go out eventually, so I took the bus into town.

4pm //¬†I wasn’t out very long, home to some bright fruit to liven me up!

5pm //¬†Working on my new ‘about’ page and getting some Spotify on.

6pm// Getting ready to go out, red flowers for my hurr.

7pm // On the way to Drogheda for a gig.

8pm // Drinks as the guys wrote their set list.

9pm // Angry Chair [Alice in Chains tribute] hit the stage.

10pm [x2] // I quite like these photos. A

11pm // The Grudge [Tool tribute]

Midnight // Bulls on Parade [RATM Tribute]

1am // And this is how the gig ended!

So, there you have it. My first photo-an-hour of 2013. I must admit, I only edited these photos last night – through a mixture of lack of time, sickliness and a little fear of what was on the camera card – but I’m really pleased with them.

See you for the next one!