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Figuring out your personal brand can be a tough one. There’s a lot of talk about branding these days, and more than ever for small businesses. But how do you figure it out?

The short answer is by doing the work. Like everything in running a small business, it’s about you showing up and doing the work. But that work will only get done if you have the right tools. So this week I want to help you to get started on your journey of developing your personal brand.
Everybody has a personal brand, it’s like your personality.
And if you’re a small business owner your personality and the personality of your business will always be quite interlinked; they won’t be the same, but they’ll be interlinked.

Your personal brand is more than your logo, more than your website. It’s what people think of when they think of you, and it’s what makes people think of you – it’s what brings you to their mind.

So how can you figure out what your personal brand? At the end of the day, you’re the one who can figure out what your personal brand is, you need to listen to yourself, observe yourself. There’s a lot of noise on the internet and you know this as well as I do! But if you’ve been in business for two or three years, you know the people who you work best with and you know the best kind of work that you do.

So you’re the only one who can figure out what your brand is.

But wait, what exactly is branding?

The ladies at Braid Creative are an awesome branding agency and they know their stuff, this article What exactly is branding? is a great primer if the whole idea of branding is new to you.

If your brand is the first impression someone receives, it also sets the stage for what they can expect as they begin to move from simply being aware of your presence to becoming engaged with your business.

Get into your own mind

A great way to get into your own mind is to play the dinner party game – ever tried it? Kathleen (from Braid Creative) explains it in the first 10 mintues of this podcast – Being Boss Episode 10 – Personal Branding  (Yes, I’m a Kathleen fangirl, but dammit, she knows her stuff!)

A personal brand is showing up as yourself 100% of the time in work and in life.

On the subject of podcasts, if you don’t have a podcast habit, get into it. They’re a great source of learning while doing something else.


Digging in

So when you’ve gotten into the idea of branding and started to uncover the aspects of your personal brand, the key is really to ask yourself some questions to dig into the heart of it.

Getting clear on your brand requires focused introspection and uncensored external feedback.

Try these questions from Forbes – 10 Crucial questions for defining your personal brand and then when you’ve gotten into them, put them to use with this 30 minute branding plan, even if you hate personal branding.

And finally, something to remember; for all your introspection and questioning, the most important thing to your business is your clients…

The most successful brands aren’t just about you. Take the time to know your target audience, and listening to what’s on their minds as well. Genuinely connect and build relationships!

What insights have you gained from the answers to these questions?

Deborah’s brand

Deborah is the kind of person that you can’t help but want to get to know. Her story is one of drive, determination, guts, innovation, honesty, vibrancy & more than anything, inspiration. To get to know more about her, find her at her website

Deborah’s core values are her family & friends, her work, colour, living life to its fullest, and giving the people who want to buy her work the opportunity to be part of something special. Her experience as a sales person has given her insights that are not only a huge benefit to her as a working artist, but led her to develop her range of lifestyle products that you can see in the shoot – cups, travel mugs, cushions, tote bags, tea towels – all covered in her incredibly beautiful, abstract colour explosions.

Getting to know Deborah has been a joy and an inspiration – both in how she lives her life and how she runs her business. Thank you so much for the opportunity to help you tell your story Deborah, and for being such a joy to work with!

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