Happy Friday friends.

Five reads, they won’t take up much of your weekend, promise.


…it is better to want what you have than to have what you want.

How to find happiness in one simple article… Or, at least think about the differences between happiness and unhappiness.


How far do you have to go to get out of your comfort zone?

Would you go this far? On a bicycle? On your own?


Imagine you have a month to live — what would each moment be worth to you then?

Look around you. 


Do you need a degree to get ahead in the creative industries?

…it feels as if it’s some kind of secret they don’t tell you at school, that pretty much all the resources you could need are online and free… if you have an open mind and a D.I.Y attitude then the world’s your oyster.


Do you have big goals? What is your measure of success?

A reminder to celebrate the little things