Pride Friday folks. Enjoy the weekend whatever you get up to.
I hope these little snippets will give you some weekend pleasure.


Danielle La Porte is intense, her sermons hit me from time to time in just the right spot. And she’s got a seriously sexy¬†radio voice too.
In this little one she’s preaching about leaving special experiences where they’re supposed to be, in their sacred container of that one night, to be opened occasionally in your heart or your mind but not to be breached.
[soundcloud][/soundcloud](4min 02sec, via Danielle la Porte)


‘Don’t Sneak’: Dad’s Unexpected Advice To His Gay Son In The ’50s¬†applies to all of us, regardless of gender, orientation or beliefs.
(3min 29sec, via NPR)

Now, I’m gonna tell you something today, and you might not know what to think of it now, but you’re gonna remember when you’re a full-grown man: Don’t sneak. Because if you sneak, like you did today, it means you think you’re doing the wrong thing.¬†



Ok, so this isn’t strictly listening material, you might also want to watch – Lena Hadley interviews Pedro Pascal, how great is that shot?!
You could just look at this photo and listen to the audio if you like, but just watch the video. Click the photo for more. (2min 56sec, via Hunger TV)


Alt-J have just released the first single off their forthcoming album This Is All Yours. And I’m going to see them in September, they’re the only band on my Need to See list at the moment so I’m happy.
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Want to listen to some photo podcastness this weekend?
On Taking Photos presenter Jeffrey Saddoris wanted a do-over on a big interview recently, so he asked for it. David du Chemin obliged and so the guys discuss the topic of when do you accept “good enough” and when do you choose a do-over?
And if you’re interested in the ongoing Terry Richardson saga, there’s some chat about that too. (1hr 40min, via OTP)