It’s starting to seem like all I can manage is one single post a week on just what I happened to have caught around the internet lately… I’ll tell you what, I’ve been so busy editing photos lately that it’s all there’s time for. BUT, let me tell you, those photos – GOLD!! Wait til you see them!

I’ve been working so damn hard the last couple of weeks, and I guess it reflects in my five for this week, they’re mostly about work!


Bees, oh beeeeeees! I would so so love to keep bees, it’s definitely something that’s on my list of life to dos. I won’t get to do it anytime soon but I have some friends who are planning on starting their own hives soon and I’m excited for them. When we were in Australia we went to a honey factory and took a tour, bees are so impressive.

Anyway, here’s a timelapse from NatGeo, click on the image to go to the page.


And that brings us nicely on to an article from TED about what motivates us to work. Guess what, it’s not really about the money. But sometimes it’s about the kittens…!


For Alexandra Franzen who you are, and who you want to become, is made up completely of what you do.

I want to die empty, as Todd Henry would say — knowing that I truly delivered my absolute best to the world. No hiding. No holding back. Nothing left in the tank.


I really love this, YOU ARE HERE


Michelle Poler is doing a great 100 day project – 100 days without fear. 
I love Wednesday’s video – it gave me that Friday feeling! Enjoy!

Have a great weekend friends, see you next week with some photo gold! 😉