It’s a very special Friday friends. A busy, heart-stopping, hopeful Friday.
Every cell of me is tensed with anticipation of the making of history.


Photographer Benjamin Heath on The Great Discontent, talking about being a lawyer, getting hired through Instagram and not being afraid.

The biggest change for me was when I stopped being afraid of being afraid. I realized that being afraid was a good thing, and that changed my whole outlook. If I wanted to do something, I did it. Fear is a great thing, but being afraid of fear is paralyzing.


One of our first physical design challenges in college was building a bridge that would span between two lockers and support a red brick, made of nothing more than paper. (And maybe tape?)

This bridge is made of 22,000 sheets of paper.


A ridiculously simple but fascinating way to keep yourself accountable, The Daily Gabe
I think I might try it!


Maggie, you legend.


Where the myth fails, human love begins. Then we love a human being,
not our dream, but a human being with flaws.

Because my nerves are jangling about Ireland’s marriage referendum today, because love is love and because we’re all flawed.

Have a great weekend.