Oh Friday, you mean less to me that you used to, I long for your lazy embrace soon again…
It’s a flat out busy weekend ahead for me but a good one I’m hoping. Have a great one yourself.



Wow, just wow.
This isn’t a¬†Ghost¬†tribute, this is all natural mother nature doing her thing.

In Michigan a little while back a local photographer came across these sand towers, some of them up to a foot tall, made by strong winds whipping and blowing frozen sand and wearing it away in layers.
Nature and it’s crazy little intricacies will always fascinate me and sometimes the beauty just blows my mind.


Liza Flume, what an incredible voice. She released this song in time for Valentine’s day, but I only heard it during the week.
Haunting is the right word, I think.

Give a listen.

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Personally, I couldn’t give a flying fkkk about Valentine’s day.¬†Valentine’s day 2006 himself and me exchanged postcards we each had already, basically saying¬†I don’t believe in this whole thing but just in case you do, happy love day thing.¬†And that was it, the only person I wish anything to on Feb 14th now is my mama and I’m cool with that. Busy Little Foodie isn’t much into it either, but like me, she’s still into real love. And this year in particular, she’s growing into self-love. Read her notes here and nod in agreement with this one too.¬†


Susan Sontag is arguably the most influential (and divisive) non-photographer in the world of photography.¬†On Photography¬†is one of those books we should all own and¬†–¬†at least aspire to –¬†read thoroughly. Ten years after her death, director Nancy Kates has crafted a documentary looking at the unlable-able woman that was Susan Sontag. I haven’t seen it yet so I have little to say on it, but let me know if you see it, and in the meantime, here are some interesting articles on the documentary¬†from¬†Slate¬†and¬†Featureshoot.


In my day job in an EFL English classroom the students can be fairly blunt. They have little or no problem telling me I looked fatter yesterday or asking me if I’m meeting my boyfriend later on (does that mean I look good or I’m¬†wearing too much makeup¬†..?) Sometimes it sparks interesting conversation, mostly it’s unwanted prying if I’m honest…
This article by a Buzzfeed staff member is great. It’s hardly too weighty but the honesty and insight is¬†well worth the read.

What would you do if your boyfriend came home wearing makeup? As a man, does the idea of wearing makeup excite, intrigue or bother you?