It’s the weekend, and spring is here and I’m nearly done hibernating. I want to go and be out in the world.
Whatever you’re doing this weekend, be it staying or going, have a great one.


Alice in Wonderland is 150 years old this year. It’s a classic but not without it’s controversy.
This interview from RTE’s arts show, Arena addresses everything you think you know about the book and what you might not have thought about.
[12min 36sec]


This photo is World Press Photo of the Year 2014, the most important photo as decided by the World Press Photo jury.
First Prize Contemporary Issues, Singles
Jon and Alex, a gay couple, during an intimate moment, St. Petersburg, Russia.

I never thought I’d win,” he tells TIME. “But no matter which picture you take, it’s not something you should expect.”


NPR launched a new podcast this year called Invisibilia, it’s essentially about the many invisible things which make up human behaviour – the everyday and the incredible.
Each episode is completely different and they’re all fascinating in their own way, but this one has really stuck with me – The Secret History of Thoughts talks to two men in particular – a man with shockingly dark thoughts consuming his life and a man who for a huge portion of his life tried not to think, ever…Give it a listen here.
55mins total]


Alexander McQueen’s retrospective was first shown in the New York Met four years ago and is one of the most visited exhibitions to date. Now it’s moving to the beautiful V&A in London from March to August this year. Who wants to come with me? Please?

McQueen was a fashion designer with the soul of a performance artist; something which, as a Saville Row-trained tailor, he always denied. But his visceral and uneasy catwalk shows would beg to differ. His models often looked like they were in pain on the runway, even bleeding – but in addition to the misogyny he was accused of, it can also interpreted as a projection of his inner turmoil, a sort of confessional therapy.


A short and profound confessional from Anne Almasy on DEDPXL:

For a photographer, the struggle for light is literal and unironic. We are Einstein’s proverbial light monkeys, simultaneously chasing exposure and inspiration – the light that is seen and the light that is unseen, both vital, both consuming.

I hope these little fives give you some inspiration or food for thought. You know I’m dying to talk about all of it so start a conversation in the comments if anything pushes your buttons.


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