FFF #20, go me, wha?!

So there’s only one Friday left in 2014 after today and I’ll be waaaaaaaaaaay to busy with other stuff to be at this craic¬†so I’ll leave you here friends. I’ll wish you a happy Christmas wherever you spend it; may you be warm, be loved, be happy.


Google released 2014 in searches (slick little video there too by the way) Did you know what¬†normcore¬†was?… Gah.¬†While the whole article feels like a waste in so many ways, I liked this wee line,
”¬†Are we so starved for novelty that normalcy itself is trendy? What’s next, food blogs devoted to toast with butter…?”¬†


Good things did happen for women this year¬†– Vice’s excellent¬†round up of the year in relation to female leadership and equality.
[If anyone wants to get me Amy Poehler’s book for Christmas I’d be super smiley.]


I’m doing a businessy course with these gals at the moment and it’s bringing up some great questions and ideas for me. I really like this post from this week, it’s ok to start small. Whether it’s your business or your big ideas for next year, it’s ok to start small.


So many people use the camera for self-promotion, narcissim, profit but photography can be, and is, a tool for change, truly.
This project by iO Tillett Wright is fkking great. The the idea is so perfectly succinct and the photos¬†are beautiful – side note wannabe photographers, she’s using a little 35mm fisher-price stylee camera…


You know the way you’ll be making all those amazing resolutions in a week or so? Well, if learning something is on that list, have a look at this list:¬†100+ places to learn anything on the internet.

¬†Peace out pals, here’s to a new year and new starts just around the corner.