Only what, three more weekends left in the year?
Have a great one wherever it takes you.



Wow, just wow. How the hell have I never heard of/seen this guys work before?

And also, you don’t have to be a photographer to be fascinated by Clayton Cubitt’s words in this interview with The Great Discontent.

I like to give Millennials shit because it’s fun, but I feel like I’m a Millennial; I believe that Generation X was just early Millennial. When we look back on this time period, I think we’ll clump Generation X and Millennials together because a lot of what Millennials are doing—and are forced to do because of the economic circumstances and societal shifts—is stuff that Generation X also had to do. Generation X was very DIY with punk rock and the zine culture;….

So go and read it now.


It got to me this week, the winter stuff. But I think more than anything, what got to me was that all I really wanted to do was get in my little hibernation hole and cozy up but there was just so much stuff that I *had* to do. So I got a bit arsy to be honest, quite unlike me. But then I sort of figured out what was on me so I’m ok with it now.
Anyway, Veronica Varlow has a few ideas for dealing with the seasonal depression that’s wont to hang around these days.


While slightly over-dramatic, this is still beautifully written; five reasons for moving or leaving or just changing things around. 

You must resist the confines of comfort. You must defy the idea of settled. You must never resign yourself to the ordinary or the easy. You must challenge tranquility for the promise of something greater.


Boobs. Fascinating things.

This is cute, hilarious, stoic and just, well, boobs.
Women draw their own boobs.


I quite love these, watercolours of 8-bit versions of all sorts of classics.

Bob’s got a special place in my heart, he’s kind of my meditation. Who can’t love a happy little cloud?