This week has been for problem solving, planning and imagining.
It’s also been for wearing big ass scarves, yes Lenny, yes.


So maybe you were aware of this already, but I wasn’t. Til now. Gwen Stefani is back.
Oh Gwen, I think I’ll always have a crush on you.


Wes Anderson fan much?

20 ways to turn your life into a Wes Anderson film. 


Arthur Fields stood on O’Connell Bridge for 50 years taking photos every day – as in every single day. A true¬†Dublin legend,¬†Man on the Bridge opens on Saturday in the Gallery of Photography.

Check out the Man On Bridge website for a preview.


I love the idea of this, taking photos of prisoners and trying to work out what their tattoos meant, that’s what criminalistics expert¬†Arkady Bronnikov did between the mid-sixties and mid-eighties throughout the Soviet Union. Fascinating.


Being creative takes a lot of work, it doesn’t just ‘come out’, and living in an age of media and image saturation, it’s so easy to just become overloaded and sort of paralyzed I think.

Ash Ambirge writes about feeding creativity¬†. (But not with grapefruits because they’re just citrus assholes, I agree Ash).

Creativity happens when two unrelated ideas violently clash up against one another‚ÄĒand then proceed to do the ugly, until the pretty is found.

Have yourself a cold and creative weekend friends.