Hello, hi, how are you all?
Yes yes, I know, I’ve been ignoring this corner of the internet for a while, no story really, carry on.

So there’s been a few Fridays without any Five at all and we all lived,  but still, I missed you all and I want to give you some little treats for the weekend.


Please tell me you haven’t been listening to Serial yet but you’ve seen something about it and you’re wondering what it’s all about.
Then I can tell you to just gooooooooo to the website and get listening, a good old weekend-long binge listen. Oh you’ll love it. I’m not much of an obsessive but it’s getting close with this podcast. Get on it, go, now.

Then watch this, you won’t appreciate it til you’ve got a handle on the story.


Otto and Gunther.
This is a great story and gorgeous site, be inspired. 26 years, 179 countries.


So Kim Kardashian wants to break the internet, well done Kim. But the photos, the photographer, the incredible ridiculousness of it all…
Mic writer Derrick Clifton wants you to know what’s really wrong with the whole thing.


This project is enthralling, those eyes. I keep getting lost in the photos.
Woman’s husband photographs her and her sisters every year, for forty years. 


Who are the photographers of today’s world? I have a camera, a few of them, I take photos. Does that make me a photographer?
Am I a photographer because I say I am or because it’s in me or because I take photographs? I don’t know. But asking questions is always good.


The automatization of photography has made quality image-making more accessible. However, there’s a gap between the ease of capturing an image and the more strenuous task of creating a photo that’s actually thought-provoking.

Have a great weekend wherever it takes you.