I should keep these for another couple of months before posting them really, shouldn’t I?

I took these on February 15th on a weekend trip to Glasgow. It was a great weekend. We relaxed and ate and enjoyed some lovely hang out time. We also went to House for an Art Lover. It was amazing, and really reminded me what I love about interior design and architecture.

6am // Getting ready for the flight.

hellofirechild.photo-a-day.February2013-17am // We were busy running from the carpark to the airport bus after a verrry long parking space search. I forgot about photos…

8am // On the plane and getting very excited!hellofirechild.photo-a-day.February2013-2 9am // Sun

hellofirechild.photo-an-hour_February2013-510am // Hanging around for the train to Glasgow

hellofirechild.photo-an-hour_February2013-6// Sleepy on the train


// Glasgow train station


11am // The view from our window, train station trip


Midday // Nap time and chats with Mrs. Hanh

1pm // Cupcakes in the hotel

hellofirechild.photo-an-hour_February2013-102pm // Lunch in a rather swanky restaurant [loving the bokeh!]

hellofirechild.photo-an-hour_February2013-113pm // Playing tourists outside the loveliest rock bar [a minor oxymoron, I’m aware]

hellofirechild.photo-an-hour_February2013-124pm // Drinks in Rufus T. Firefly


5pm onwards // Drinks for lunch and drinks after lunch resulted in not so many photos… End of my photographic day!

March is coming up soon, although it’s not much of a photo-an-hour either… I’ll explain later.