I want people who wear Doc Martens and I want to take your photos.

Not for any particular reason other than it’s an idea that’s been flipping around in my head for a while now and I want to see if I can make it work.I’ve been wearing Docs for about eh, 12 years or so now. The first pair I got are older than me. They’re 1970s/80s oxblood eight hole standards, without the bubble toe. They belonged to the mother of a very great childhood pal of mine. Her mum wore those Docs while she was pregnant with my pal. That same pal just had her own daughter a few weeks back… Now, I’m not saying we’re old Katie, but the boots definitely are!

I bought my second pair, for my graduation. A pair of biker style boots with a ring that sits just on the ankle bone that made my ankle black and blue for weeks after I got them. I cried a little, I thought they’d always hurt like hell but I loved them so much. And then one day they stopped hurting and became not just a pair of Docs but my Docs. They didn’t look so hot under the gown though, more like a pair of wellies…ahem.

I got my metallic purple eight hole standards after I started my first proper designer job. I was out on site a bit but I didn’t have site boots (those were the days…) So, perfect excuse really. I left them behind when I went away for a year and came back to find they had been gifted a pair of bright pink laces. Perfect!

I also have a pair of fancy Docs. Heels and everything. They’re so effing comfortable and make an awesome clicking sound on the floor, I sound so important.

I’m trying to decide which pair to get next, but in the meantime, I want to photograph yours. I’m not looking at any sort of studio set up, I’d prefer to keep it all to street photography for now. So if you’re in or around Dublin in your Docs, give me a shout.