Masala tea at the Tea Gardens

Editing a lot of recent photos and very happy with how they turned out.

Feeling like a human again now that I’m totally gluten/wheat free. Still don’t know who the culprit is but that’s an experiment for another time.

Enjoying a serious boost in my social life – spending time with my people and also going out a bit more. Probably due to the above.

Looking out at a bright sky at 5.30pm and getting excited for summer.

Sniffling with a cold but keeping it under control with tea tree and fennel oils, love them!

Delighted that I got asked for ID last week and told that I didn’t look 29!

Imagining my next photo project and getting excited about it.

Thinking that I should start some serious exercise again soon.

Planning trips, so exciting!

That’s about it right now, see you soon with my February photo-an-hour.