A portrait an hour? At work? I’m not really sure how in denial I was when I posted that last blog but there was never a hope of me managing that, and I think deep down, I knew it.

That day was my first day as manager of a 33 teacher school with 50+ classes every day. I thought it would be hard going but I had no idea it would be this busy… So ok, there probably won’t be any other posts this month but I have all these lovely photos that I really want to share with you and they’re here and they’re ready and so so lovely.

They’re part of my first outing with my fellow Noisy Pixels pal Maria, we went to Charleville Castle to the Castlepalooza Festival. It was amazing – we camped behind the castle while the main stage was directly in front of the castle doors. We were literally five minutes stroll from the main stage. The vibe was just amazing.

// Our tent bottom left, castle turret straight ahead. Yes.

Castlepalooza 2013-31// The castle on the Sunday evening.

Castlepalooza 2013-35// The gorgeous Liza Flume

Castlepalooza 2013-1// Princess, drummer for The Notas

Castlepalooza 2013-7// Come on Live Long clapping it out

Castlepalooza 2013-16// Daithí giving it socks at a great show

Castlepalooza 2013-22// This was where we parked our car,

Castlepalooza 2013-25The super-show making Meltybrains?

Castlepalooza 2013-30It was such a great weekend full of great people and fantastic music. Next up is Electric Picnic, hopefully we’ll have just as good a time there too! You can check out all our photos over here on our Flickr.

Clicking on the artists’ names will take you their Soundclouds, give them a listen a let me know what you think.