People fascinate me. And what fascinates me more than people themselves is their interactions with each other.

I can’t tell you how much I love looking at photos that show how people really look, or how they really look at each other. I think that’s what true beauty is, when people are with their people and being their real selves – whatever that may look like.

And babies… If you know me, you know I’m not a mad fan of new-borns. They’re great and everything, and very special if they’re your own kin, of course, but I’m just not wild about them. Give them a few months though and I’m all over it. They’re great when they’re smiling and watching the world, there’s something special and relaxed about how their parents are by then too I think, there’s a knowing and an understanding that comes with being so together.

Vincent was almost five months old when I went to visit his family for an evening and take some family photos. We wanted to record how life really is for this fabulous family and I feel like we really did. Nappies get changed, bottles need drinking and when Christian comes home from work in the evening, Sorcha and Vincent always go to meet him at the door. It’s those little things that are everyday moments now, but won’t always be like that. They’re the moments worth preserving, treasuring, remembering.