Last Wednesday I went to meet my first wedding couple to see their reception venue together. Ais and Gar are so gorgeously excited to be getting married in September. And I’m incredibly honoured to have been asked to document the day. I may very well not eat for days beforehand with the pure nerves of it, but as long as I’m there with my trusty photographic steeds I’ll make it work.


As part of the huge amount of preparation I’m doing for the day I figured I should do a wedding photography workshop. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how much I’d get from it. Not that I think I know everything, I just didn’t know how much to expect from a day long workshop. Happily, I was surprised by how much I got from the day. Not just photos to spend weeks editing, but I also had some great chats with the tutors on the course and spent the day shooting in fully manual mode. That was a nice change. I get manual, I understand exposure, but it’s scary using it. When things are happening quickly and I don’t want to miss the shot I’m far more likely to use a ‘half-manual’ mode like aperture or shutter priority and let the camera make some of the decisions for me. But the big thing I learned on Saturday was that I really should be pushing myself harder to make as many of the decisions myself as I can. More knowledge paired with experience means more control over the images I produce. Another exciting little moment of realisation in my photographic life.

These photos are from a first round edit, I haven’t spend a wild amount of time on them and I think I’ll probably go back and edit them into black and white as well as play with setting up my own colour editing recipe for them. But here’s a wee peep at what we did.