The problem with getting married.

In the beginning, when you decide to get married, for about 10 giddy minutes it all about just the two of you. It’s big eyes and gasps and maybe tears and probably laughing too. And it’s great.

The problem with getting married is that as soon as you announce it, it sort of stops being about you. Whether you go abroad or get married at home, there are a few people that the day can’t happen without, and then some more who make the day what it is. There are more questions and decisions and lists and conversations about wedding things than you might ever have thought possible.  It the most exciting time and also, it’s a lot.

Stop, take a breath, it’s all good.

Marriage changes things.

The problem with clichés is, that even when they’re true … they sound cliché…

Marriage changes things, maybe just a little at first; slowly the foundations change and slowly you grow to support and depend on each other more than you ever thought even possible.

Planning your wedding day might not be just about you, but at the end of that day, it is. You’re two people under a new sky. Two people with no idea of what’s ahead and a whole new adventure waiting.

If you do one thing just purely for yourselves the day of your wedding, go and stand under that new sky and breathe it all in….

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