I did say I was going to launch a competition today, but I changed my mind. There’s good reason for it and it will happen, just not right now. Stay tuned!

Insta things


1. Mark Lanegan, great view of a great show. //2. Cake! Antoinette’s Bakery, too good! //3. Oh yes, Aussie in my pocket and making me excited. //4. Cold face ninja on the bus. //5. The last bit of the moon this morning, it was incredible. I was sorry I didn’t get a photo earlier when it was higher. // 6. Scars in a bright sky, happy. //7. I shared some shots from our day in Death Valley and I’m working on more. //8. Tea, so much tea. Never enough, as long as it’s not normal tea. //9. Oh Ziggy, we’ll spend more quality time together soon.

Other things

  • Excited about the shoot I’m about to go to in an hour, I’ve got a new toy and we’re going to play with it!
  • Reading the Sunday Times magazine in bed, last week’s…And One Summer by Bill Bryson. It’s huge and fascinating.
  • Listening to a whole lot of Chet Faker, it just works. And that’s a perfectly simple video too.
  • Eating whole, #30daykickinthewhole to be exact. I fell waaaaaaaaaay off the wagon the last few months.
  • Not sleeping nearly enough, not even nearly.
  • Booking clients, like real-life people who want to hire me just for my mad photo skillz…Yah!
  • Dying to spend more time on my bicycle but I’m too soft and it’s too cold right now to be cycling 7+miles at 7am.
  • Gurning for spring to show it’s sweet little face and bring us a little less of these frosty days.
  • Planning family time and big adventures in Australia, I might jump out of my skin beforehand.