Insta Things

1.Brass band dancing at the Street Performance Festival // 2. This lot, a violin and more recording gear than I could name took over most of our house a couple of weeks back, the album is almost there and I’m excited to hear it. // 3. IPSC Protest rally in Dublin last week, I ended up mostly taking photos of children. // 4. My bike! The absolute number one best thing about Ziggy, above all the other super things, is putting my coffee cup in the carrier in the morning. Makes my day, every day. // 5. Buena Vista Social Club. Third row. Oh my heart. // 6. That guy, that smile. Six hours was not long enough to catch up but we’ll do it again soon. // 7. More dancing. Hotter than July. // 8. Sunshine lunch at Dublin Castle. Dublin is unrivaled in the sun. // 9. Bananas. Just like my head, sometimes.

Other Things

  • Mesmerised by the cinematography in Hannibal. It is possibly the most beautiful thing¬†I’ve seen on television, ever.
    An incredibly original and challenging take on a very well known story.
  • Absurdly in love with Ziggy. I know it’s just a bike, I can’t help it though.
  • Grateful for all the dancing, and grateful for the awesome people to dance with.
  • So busy dancing and having fun that I haven’t been home in seven weeks, I’m a terrible daughter.
  • Proud of myself for finally starting that Doc project I’d been talking about forever. And relatively pleased with the results.
  • Shooting in fully manual – oooooooh! It’s a nightmare right now but a great challenge.
  • Reading three books, all travel related, and dreaming of faraway places. The Mongolian Steppe, India, the whole fkng world.
  • As¬†the¬†low-lying¬†anxiety of the last few months levels out¬†I’m really enjoying being by myself again. A series of events brought me kayaking on my own a few weeks ago and it was amazing. I’m now seriously¬†considering going to a music festival in a couple of weeks,¬†on my own…needs more thinking.
  • Wondering what life will be like for us all in fifty-odd years time when we’re¬†as old as Omara.¬†The challenge is to make it count.