Almost two months to the day after the event, I bring you photos from an Irish St. Patrick’s Day…Embarrassing really how long this has taken me but better late than never.

These photos are in lieu of a March photo an hour, it was a pretty busy month and I didn’t actually realise until April was here that I hadn’t done it so it’s probably the first of many substitutes.

¬†// I’ll never get sick of carousels.DSC_0980

// A sad little shamrock sitting on the promenade.


// The small town parades are such a family affair, they’re really just full of children with other children watching.


// Of course it was raining…But the colours weren’t dulled any.


// What a cutie! I asked him for his photo and he said no, but a few minutes later he relented and gave me his permission. I’m glad I hung around!


// More kids parading along in their tri-colour everything!


// Yes it’s raining, but we have shamrock sunglasses so we might as well wear them.


// Even the crappy raincoats are green on March 17th!


// And the cool kids came out to have a look too.


// The marching band and gorgeous flag dancers.


// And even Little Miss Sunshine showed up!

DSC_0801I don’t know who will ever even see these but I really enjoyed taking them and showing my pal a ‘real’ St. Patrick’s day away from all the gallons of Guinness and drunkenness of Dublin city.

April is on it’s way!