SPARK is a small collection of things I’ve come across on the internet in the last few weeks.
Something between the lines of beautiful and bizzare, charming and curious.


…  “The answer is within yourself, that’s where architecture lies, that’s where humanity lies, that’s where the future we’re going to have lies.”

  • Man, I love this so, so much.The internal brief from the New York based design agency Hush was to “Design an experience that represents our team’s process of creative collaboration and its unique outcomes. Inspire friends and partners at the start of 2016.”
    The result is stunning and something I would so love to get a chance to play with.
  • Stars do so much for me. These photos are STUNNING, mesmerising, captivating. Just stare at them for a few minutes, the world will feel like a much better place.

  • This guy has just released an EP of solo work, and it’s every little bit as good as expected. And then some.

  • The backstreets of Tokyo, captured by a local.

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