May has been a really busy month for me, and very positive in many ways. I’ve been struggling to find time for everything but I think I’m finally starting to find a balance and it’s great.

New music has been finding its way into my life again and it’s great. Big love to podcasts and the likes of Soundcloud. I know I’m a bit late to the party but I’ve been listening to Alt-J a lot a lot. Breezeblocks is one of my favourite tracks. It reminds me vaguely of Gomez for some reason. And that makes me happy. Listen here.

Noisy Pixels was born! My friend Mar√≠a and I have been talking about photography for what feels like a million years. We go on photowalks together and have been to a few festivals and shows together. So we decided to go ahead and create something. We’re hoping it’ll be lots of fun, and get us in to some shows! Check out our Facebook page here.

I finally figured out a spreadsheet at work and let me tell you, it was one of the highlights of my month. That spreadsheet hadn’t been working for a couple of months and it was like a cloud hanging over my head. The awesome wave of relief that washed over me as I realised I’d finally cracked it was wonderful! Things take time people, reiteration and marination.

I’ve been blogging! What joy to have this back on the go too, I’d been neglecting it but I’m getting back on top of things and it’s so satisfying.

Sunshine! I’m going to Portugal next week for a few days of solo relaxation, photo taking and sun soaking. I can’t wait!

Money! After a phonecall with my beautiful friend Mrs Hanh last week I figured it was time to take a new tac with her funding for her restaurant project. Another previous volunteer suggested using GoFundMe and there’s already $680 in the pot. It’s only a fraction of the $30K she needs to complete the project but time will tell how far it will go. It’s got the potential to be such an amazing place, if we can just get as many people on board as possible to make it happen many lives will change so much for the better. Check the page out here. And don’t be afraid to donate a few euro or dollars if you can!

DSC_1251 (2)-2

Mrs Hanh watching the workmen on her site last April. What a gorgeous face.

Game of Thrones has finally made its way into my world…I felt like I was the only one in the world not watching it. But now I can feel a bit of an obsession coming on! Do you watch it? We’ve only watched three episodes, don’t ruin it for me! I enjoyed the first episode but not hugely I’ll have to admit. After the second one finished though I was dying for more. It’s fascinating, I can see why it’s drawn so many people in already.


And my gorgeous niece turned one! We skyped with my brother last weekend and she was so full of life and personality. She’s so big now and almost walking, I can’t wait to meet her and become great friends.

Some things I enjoyed from around the web:

I dropped in on Zoe Spawton’s tumblr about an elderly tailor/ former doctor she’s been photographing for quite a time now. I had forgotten about it and it was nice to catch up on what he’s been wearing! See Ali’s stellar sartorial symphonies here.

I cleared out my Bloglovin account of all the samey stuff that’s been clogging it up and then clicked on XOSarah’s post about being an individual blogger and it was such a breath of fresh air. Read all about it here.

These photos of New York going back well over 120 years really captured my attention and imagination. This one was my favourite. Click the photo for the full article.


Brooklyn Bridge, 1914. Painters.

I’ve had to switch this podcast off while out in public twice now because I was pretty sure I looked like a mad woman laughing to myself – it’s well worth a fluffy listen Pop My Culture.

And last but not least, if you haven’t seen this already then you need to. It was a strange feeling to watch this happening on TV – if you were ever a Fresh Prince fan check this out.

Roll on June! But first I’m off to a hen party for the weekend, how exciting!