We started June in Westport celebrating Angela’s hen party with cocktails and dancing. It was a huge amount of fun with some seriously great gals.angehenWe got glammed up and danced our asses off. I gave up after I sort of busted my lip off another girl’s head and headed back to the room to get my jacuzzi on – no sober girl ever said at 2am! But it was heavenly!AMhen01I’ve been listening to a lot of Glass Animals on Soundcloud. Getting my groove on to Disclosure. And I got my ticket for Castlepalooza music festival. I can’t wait to go and take some great photos while listening to great music. I’m warming up for it here. I’m really looking forward to seeing two of my workmates play there, very exciting times!

I also bought a new lens a couple of weeks ago. A Tokina 11-16. I haven’t really used it much yet but I’m really hoping that it will be great to take to gigs. I just took it out in to the back garden a few days ago and I got this. I’m hoping to road test it properly at a gig soon.

DSC_2503-3I’ve started writing morning pages this month too. It doesn’t always happen but I’m starting to notice that it’s making me feel like my days are more productive and organised. I just free write three full pages as soon as I wake up. The first day I did it, I wrote seven pages! Some days I haven’t made it to three pages. Some day I’ll get The Artist’s Way and do some more, but for now these pages are doing something. Something exciting is stirring, I can feel it!

Although I went on holidays this month, I also booked more. My pal and me, we’re going to CUBA! I’m so excited! She’s my photo buddy pretty much so we’re just going to spend 12 days in October taking photos and enjoying the people and the scenery. I really need to start working on my Spanish, seriously.

Some things I enjoyed around the web:

Rainymood. We’ve  been using this every night to block out noise from next door. I’ve even got it on now.

So many photos I see are of bright gorgeous days, or super dramatic landscapes. I’m into the in between, what happens in real life. And real days in Ireland just aren’t sunny all the time. This project really stuck with me, a project called “Early Sunday Morning” capturing day to day life in Montreal. The sun, the bare streets, the snow, the rain. I love it. Some gorgeous photos. Click on the photo to see more from his set.

Black and White Photos That Capture the Feeling of Winter Mornings in Montreal montrealmornings 7

This series of interviews in Lifehacker looks very interesting, How I Work.

And finally, do you like Chardonnay? Do you hate it? Mudhoney hate it!