January was a bit of a non-starter. I’ve been just a little bit sick for the whole month with more stupid stuff. It’s almost a year now, a whole year where I haven’t been 100% well. I really don’t feel like writing about it, because I’m sick of feeling sick and I’m sick of complaining about it and I don’t want to do it¬†any more.

I’ve been following a gluten and wheat free diet for the last six weeks or so with great results but I went and ate a¬†shed-load¬†of bad foods last weekend which has resulted in a week of minor misery for me. I’m still not the better of it but I’m sure it will pass soon. I had a shiatsu massage on Friday evening which I think I might follow up in the near future. As I said, for almost a year now I have had some sort of minor but frustrating ailment and I think it’s just begun to wear me out completely. I think I’m just totally below par mentally and physically and I need to change that asap.

The massage was quite amazing. I felt thoroughly drained physically and mentally afterwards. I sat for a while in the massage room after getting dressed. I felt sort of empty. I was supposed to go back to my workplace for a party straight after but I couldn’t face it. Instead I went to a coffee shop for a long and quiet soya hotchocolate. When I started to feel like myself again I got myself over to the party and had a great night. It was the first time all week I hadn’t feel¬†nauseous and I felt great. The masseur spent a lot of time working on my hips and er, my ass. I carry pretty much all my tension around there apparently! It was excruciating by times but obviously necessary. I think it might be worth investing in a few more appointments – it can only make me feel better as far as I can tell.

So what about the rest of the month? Well, I turned 29, took a few (really only a few) photos for my 2013 photo project and tried my best to keep up with day to day life. ¬†I read almost two books, but the last two weeks just didn’t happen reading wise so I’m almost finished the second one – this week hopefully. I had some really lovely skype and viber phonecalls with darling friends around the world, I also met up with some friends who I hadn’t really spent time with in a long time. One friend has also made 2013 the year to spend more time with people so we’ve met up TWICE! I’m very proud of us! I had a lovely visit from a darling friend for lovely Sunday brunch and birthday presents, I also shared a rather expensive bottle of Faustino with another brilliant friend. And it was cold for a lot of January, so I spent a large amount of time by the fire.


So all in all, it wasn’t a bad month really, it’s just that it could have been slightly healthier. February will bring that, fact.

See you soon for some good health, fine moods and happy times.