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Highlighting the issue

I'll be honest, I don't get it. I don't understand why this is even a debate. But it is. And so we act, and we march and we talk and we make lights and shine them on Dublin city landmarks and we say no more, trust us... See the full article here, with additional...

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Adventures in film: On the Wild Atlantic Way

Photographing people is my jam, it's what excites me and moves me. But what would I do if I had a camera and no people to photograph? We spent a couple of weeks on the Wild Atlantic Way last summer. We camped, stayed in Airbnbs, cycled, got rained on a lot, climed...

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On sharing personal work // Glendalough

Last week I wrote about finding inspiration in other creatives and what I'd learned from them. And as I read that post back again, and again, I realised something. I haven't been sharing my work. I've been promoting my business, and that's just not the same. When...

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5 unexpected lessons about photography from music.

... or how musicians inspire the hell out of me.     What was the last live gig you went to? How do you think the artist felt before getting on stage? What was going through their minds? Watching musicians, really seeing them, sparks something in me - massive...

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When you let your camera loose in an orphanage…

Disclaimers: This post is image heavy. It’s personal. I’m not really sure what to say about these photos, or why I’m sharing them… They’re just on my mind these days and I’m thinking that maybe you’ll enjoy this small glimpse into this other world. Yes, there’s a...

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Photos lately // Berlin

I should have stayed longer in Berlin, I think I could easily have spent weeks there and I'm definitely going back. The whole area where we were staying was so quiet and relaxed, it was perfect for catching up over countless coffees and breakfasts (Yes, there were...

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How I photo // Headshots

Headshots are tricky; it's just me, you and the camera.... And my other gear, and whoever is standing behind me watching you, and all the voices in your head, and all the voices in my head for that matter. It's not just me you and the camera at all, ever. I took some...

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