On Saturday night a great pal hosted me and my wares at her lovely house. She invited some more pals over and soon enough we had a bit of an old party going. The wine flowed generously all night and the ladies bought some lovely bits. I’d had a bit of wine by the time I took these photos so they’re not super but the ladies pictured are.

I knew when I decided to do this that I wanted to¬†fund raise¬†this way – by giving people some actual value for their money. I’m sick of asking for donations or putting pressure on people to do things or show up at events, it makes me feel a bit icky if I’m honest. It was such good fun watching these ladies browse and chat and they really liked everything! (Maybe that was the wine too). So I’ve just placed an order for more lovely shiny bits and pieces and I can’t wait to see what arrives, hopefully in time for Christmas, *wink wink*.