Happy Friday friends.

I feel like I really shouldn’t even be suggesting reading online on a weekend like this, the weather could possibly be just too good for that sort of carry on. But this is just in case.




Darragh Shanahan interviewed by Prowlster about his new exhibition on at the Gallery of Photography.

Photography…is everywhere and it can be beautiful, tragic, violent, vague, sexy, crumpled up and torn, it has no emotion, it projects and we can reflect, it is unusual, it can comfort, we are hostage to it.


Lance Bangs interviewed by Eric Meltzer on innovation and not making the same, boring thing.

With Super 8…I learned to compose or view things in the world by getting specific about just the areas that I wanted to show or shoot and how to frame that in a square. And then deleting or erasing everything outside of what my attention was on. And then traveling around and shooting stuff through that frame and then building stories that way.


The Future of Work on Fast Company
Knowing and doing are not the same thing. We access our creativity by connecting knowledge through experience.

Aside from physical connectivity in the brain, being able to make connections between ideas and knowledge we hold in our memories can help us to think more creatively and produce higher quality work.


Jonas Peterson writes on the vulnerability of the human condition, from a wedding photographer’s viewpoint.

I am convinced we need to share more, not less. And the more we share, the more we’ll realise we’re all the same. You can’t hate your neighbour when you’ve shared a meal with him, when you’ve seen he hesitates to ask someone to dance the same way you do.

And that’s why I keep doing this.

Because we’re all human.


The Middle Finger Project on actually declaring your intentions. If nobody knows, it’s exponentially easier to hide from yourself.

If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone actually give a single, flying fuck?
… as soon as we bellow our beliefs and announce our ambitions, we’re admitting that we’re capable of failure. We’re cracking ourselves open to scorn. And we’re divvying up our dreams for dissection, inviting our friends and family to swarm over our ideas of success and pick through them with knobbly and nimble fingers.

Now, enjoy your weekend, here’s to more of that sublime sunshine.