Short weeks are always the longest…

Here, have a listen to these and relax yourself.


Hozier played a 3-song¬†Tiny Desk Concert on his US tour, I honestly can’t get enough of¬†Take Me To Church.¬†(15min 1sec)


Alec Baldwin interviewed Jerry Seinfeld for his¬†Here’s The Thing¬†¬†podcast. I really enjoy this podcast, I don’t feel like I have to pay attention but it’s there in the background and there’s often some real gems. Seinfeld’s enthusiasm for¬†life¬†is audible. (57min 08sec)


This song from Gabriel Kahane is¬†so¬†super mellow, a sweet piano & strings lullaby – with a subtle twisting sort of sub-melody (Is that a thing? It’s how it sounds to my untrained ear). It reminded me of Rufus Wainright just a little.
[soundcloud][/soundcloud] (3min 39, via MotherJones)


Although this podcast cuts off before the end (you have to pay to hear the rest…), the free portion is still worth a listen. London-based photographer Mark Seymour talks about how he got into the Jewish, and particularly the Orthodox Jewish, community as a wedding photographer. He also photographs a lot of Christian weddings – they’re the ones which feature more heavily on his website. Seymour is more of a street photographer first and his style of wedding photography has that same reportage feel with punchy colours. It just goes to show that you don’t necessarily have to be part of a community to photograph their weddings – it’s about relationship management and being a good photographer. Listen to the podcast here.¬†(53min)


And last, but not least and definitely not mellow, I think we’ll be hitting up Goulash Disko in town tomorrow night,¬†here’s Balkan Alien Sound – enjoy! (19min 06sec)


Have a great weekend!