It’s the weekend all over again and it’s also a bit summer here, woo!
I hope you’ve got great plans for your weekend, but first, try some of this stuff on for size.


Please, please, please watch this video.

Watch this lady’s face, listen to her words. Absorb them, whether you think you’re ambitious or not is irrelevant.

PS- She’s 81.


Meditation time:

I’ve watched this at least five times. (With the sound turned off.)


Oh, how I absolutely despise and abhor colour gradient / arragement art…… It’s just so fkking mindless, overdone, cliched.

But the beauty is also in the mindlessness of it somehow. Despite myself, I’m a small bit in love with these photos by Emily Blincoe.



Are hipsters dying out?

When everyone is rejecting the mainstream, no one is. When everyone is a hipster, no one is a hipster. Hell, saying “the hipster is dead” is, itself, pretty much dead…

Hmmmm………… Just last week I told a pal I really wanted to go to Austin, I hear it’s incredible! Ooops!

And watch the video, science explains hipsters! Brilliant!


Orange Is The New Black hits Netflix for season 3 today (woo!) and Hunger magazine have interviewed Laverne Cox. It’s a pretty fair interview but you can’t help hearing the ennui in Cox’s response to this one in particular.

Do you think you would be friends if [Sophia] was a real person?
I don’t know, that’s a good question. I’m not sure if our paths would necessarily cross.
Probably not.