It’s Friday again pals, Friday! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!


This time next week our wee country will be in the throes of it, bitten nails and baited breath waiting for the results of a historic referendum. These images made me smile today, adorable and still getting the point across. Debbie Hickey made a whole bunch, check them out.


I just recently discovered Paul Jarvis and his work, what a powerhouse. I’m treating his podcast with Jason Zook like school these days, an intensive course in how to be awesome. This piece from Jarvis on is a real easy read – The complete and logical guide to winning at your own life in 19 super difficult steps

whatever you do, whenever you do it, you’ll be judged for it. Even by letting fear kick your ass and doing absolutely nothing, you will be judged. So, since you’re going to be judged any way, why not actually take action? That way, at least when you judge yourself, you’ll be able to sleep well at night

Sound advice Paul, very sound advice.


Sally Mann is one of those photographers you might not have heard of but you’ve seen her work before. Incredible portraits of her children are probably what she’s best known for, images that sparked controversy when they were first published and brought up again last summer because of this story. She’s just published her memoir, and is interviewed on NPR here. [44min 29]



Yes, yes, yes – Buy experiences, not things. 


Illustrator and all round queen of cool, Lisa Congdon on being an artist, a late-starter, an impostor, a hard worker, a successful creative.

it isn’t ever too late and I’m living proof of that. I don’t believe in overnight success; for the most part you have to work really hard, but it is possible to do something amazing with your life.”

Enjoy the weekend, see you on the other side.