The weeks are going by too quickly, I can’t figure out how to slow it all down. Any ideas?¬†Autumn has started and I’m really feeling it this year. It’s just all happened so fast and now all of a sudden it’s dark by 8pm and I feel like it’s time to go to bed and I¬†don’t like it…

This Five thing has changed slightly lately. I had originally thought it’d be cool to group things but it just meant I’d end up keeping stuff for a few¬†weeks and then forgetting about it or feeling like it was out of date. So I’ve abandoned that, in case you hadn’t noticed. The fives are always just stuff I’ve come across around the internet that interests me and I hope it might interest you too, or spark some sort of thought or inspire you in some small way.

So happy Friday friends.¬†Have a great weekend whatever’s planned. I’m breaking out my trust old Pentax ME Super this weekend I reckon, it’s older than me typa old and I love it in the way one always loves the first of many things. I haven’t shot film in forever and it’s time. Stay tuned for results.


Last weekend I went to see Samsara in the park. Happenings has been hosting movies most week in a couple of parks in Dublin and I’ve made it to a good few of them so far. It’s such a great atmosphere and the fact that it’s still going on in September in Dublin is indicative of the way the weather’s been this year. Amazing. At times it was really frustrating to see images and not have any idea where they were from and there were some points where I actually felt that it was poking fun at other cultures in some way. But it’s an interesting piece of film- a visually stunning mish mash of scenes from around the world set to some gorgeous music, like a mandala.

Then, on the way home this piece came on the radio and I swear, if I’ve listened to it once, I’ve listened to it fifty times since. It’s not from the score of the film but it is reminiscent of it.

That Gurdjieff was an interesting guy too.


This video by photographer/cinematographer Markus Kontiainen is in the Samsara vein but so much subtler, gentler and for me, more relateable. A simple video diary of a 35-day assignment trip in SE Asia earlier this year.

(Via Faded + Blurred)


WHAT’S IN STORE FOR ME IN THE DIRECTION I DON’T TAKE? is series by Adam Lupton. Oh, how I love, love, love all of these pieces. Love.

(Via Dedpxl’s The Society of Good Stuffs)


This is a gorgeous story from Zack Arias about a chance photo of a lovely moment on a bridge in Paris. It also reminded me that I reeeeeeeeeeally want to get me one of those Fuji X series camera. Someday, baby.


Walter Schels was in his 70s when he started this interesting project – photographing terminally ill people before and immediately after their death. He seems to have started it in an effort to come to terms with death. The portraits themselves are beautifully shot but also, the idea behind the whole project has stuck with me since I read about it.

You can read more about the person in each set of portraits in the FeatureShoot article but I recommend just looking at the sets of images first, you can see them on Walter Schels’s website.

The Feature Shoot article is here, it presents a portrait of the photographer himself, who really seems to have connected with and quite likely helped these people a lot in the their last months and weeks.