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I’m now the official photographer for Facemelter Music, how exciting! Aaron and his crew have been working on this project for a fair while now and things are really starting to pick up speed. Aaron now writes for U&I Music and will be reviewing one band/gig every month and I get to take the photos!

At the moment, the camera I’m using is not great at low light levels, and because most of these gigs are on the grunge to metal end of things there generally isn’t much light going on at the venues. This means I end up using flash if I want to get any detail at all so I then I  convert them to black and white. I like it though. For ages I didn’t want to take photos in those venues – black walls, black ceilings, dark photos. I couldn’t get enough light or the right light to get even one good shot. But now that I’ve figured out a way around it I’m really happy with the results.

If you want to read the super review, it’s here, and you can see the rest of the photos from that night here.

Facemelter-Marabou (1 of 5) Facemelter-SyllianRayle (3 of 7)I’m looking forward to the next assignment already!