“Where do you submit your photos?”

“Do you submit photos?”
…….eh……no……..I really should though, shouldn’t I?


So I’m submitting, thanks Deirdre.

I’ve been keeping an eye on DEDPXL since it began more or less but I didn’t partake in either of the first two assignments. The rules are harsh man, you can only submit NEW work. It’s got to be on assignment and it’s got to good. Harsh. But so bloody great. And Zack and Meg reeeeeally stick to that rule, epic.

So here you have it, my first submission to #DEDPXL03: Shadows.

Ireland is great for harsh light in winter, but in summer? Well, it’s mostly nice soft, grey clouds – best light diffuser in nature. Great.
So I went for my flash and my trigger and sneaked (snuck?) into the surgery, the benefits of having a dental surgery IN YOUR HOUSE! Does that make me lazy? Well, it’s the Tuesday of a bank holiday weekend which automatically equals tired and it was my first full and proper day teaching in my new job. So I’m being lazy, ok? I cooked dinner though, so it’s not too super lazy.
And maybe I’ll do some more shots before the deadline of June 14th.

Dentist's chair

The question remains, DO THE SHADOWS MAKE THE SHOT?
What do you think?