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Sarah and Rob have been living in Canada long enough to have built a really great life there together complete with their own house, great jobs and two crazy¬†dogs. They came home just before Christmas to see Sarah’s mum’s new house, hang out with friends and family and have a beautiful little wedding ceremony.

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Because they’re so far away Sarah’s mum, Barbara, did a lot of the organizing on the ground so even though we’d met and chatted plenty before the wedding, Sarah and I had our first just chat five days before their wedding. You’d imagine she might have been a little bit stressy about the whole thing, it was that limbo week between Christmas and New Year’s and they’d only just gotten home in time for the paperwork and Christmas dinner. But no, Sarah¬†was totally relaxed and more than ready for their tiny, totally stress-free celebration in the most gorgeous little hotel in the wilds of Wicklow.


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Hunter’s Hotel was¬†originally built as a forge in the 1600s and became an inn in the 18th century. There isn’t one straight line in the whole building and it has the most incredible vibe! The whole place is so warm and laid back, the staff are amazing and the fires were roaring in every room in the place on January 2nd. It was so relaxing there, I almost felt like I was in a little time warp where time was moving at a completely different speed.

The day was completely relaxed, Sarah did her own hair and make up upstairs and Rob arrived already suited and booted. When she was ready, Rob went to pick Sarah up in her room and they took a few minutes to have the chats together before they headed down to their mamas, who were waiting anxiously (and emotionally!) to walk them up the aisle.


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Their humanist ceremony was candle-lit and oh-so cosy. Sarah and Rob are¬†definitely a ‘less stress, more success’ kind of couple, it was so obvious on the day that they are absolutely made for each other and they’ve got a lifetime of big adventures ahead of them.

And they’ve got a lot of love for Sarah’s granny!¬†You know they’re on to a winner when the bride’s granny is giving the groom the glad eye ten minutes after the ceremony!


Sarah and Rob, a cosy winter wedding at Hunter’s Hotel, Wicklow | Irish Wedding Photographer