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frequently asked questions

Have some photos you need taking that you want to ACTUALLY ENJOY making?

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We had the most amazing wedding day and it was made all the better with Éadaoin there to capture it!  We couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Éadaoin.

She balanced absolute professionalism with a relaxed manner that made us feel so comfortable and at ease both before and on the day.

We had a very intimate wedding so having the right fit was really important to us and Éadaoin was perfect. Miriam & Trevor

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What are your wedding pricing guidelines?

Yes, you need to know this stuff. Prices start at €1450 – with €1850 being the most popular option – but that’s just a guide. Get in touch to arrange a chat on the phone or face to face and we’ll figure out exactly what suits you best.

For family photo sessions, do you shoot in a studio?
No, all of my family sessions are either in your home or at an agreed location. If you’d like to know more about how it all works, you can get the information pack here.
I’m really not keen on the idea of posed photographs, and I’m terrible in front of a camera. What do I do?!
Fear not! In the right hands, with a photographer you can trust and connect with, these things stop being a problem. When you’re relaxed and comfortable and sharing time with your favourite people, you’ll look amazing – believe me.
We’re having trouble choosing a photographer, how do we know you’re right for us?
Good question! There are three main points you have to consider for any photographer- style, price and trust. You need these three to be right at the very least. I’ve made a guide to help you with this decision process, I’d love you to have it. You can download it here.
Can we meet you before we book you?
Absolutely! I love to meet couples before we make a booking – you need to be sure that you connect and I need to be sure that we’ll work well together. If you’re based outside of Dublin, we can Skype too.
Are you covered in case anything goes wrong?
Fingers crossed nothing does! But yes, I’m covered. I’m fully insured and always have backups.

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